Company RinkFactory offers a complete package of service for the design, manufacture, assembly, delivery and installation of products for sports arenas and recreation centers:

1. Professional ice hockey dasher boards, according to the requirements of the IIHF, KHL / VHL / MHL.
The equipment set includes:
– Sectional boards including players doors and technological gates;
– Spectator protection from acrylic glass, polycarbonate) or tempered glass;
– Boxes for players, referees and penalty box, equipped with benches, judges’ table and rubber flooring;
– Protecting nets;
– Hockey goals, according to the requirements of IIHF, KHL / VHL / MHL ;
– Advertising protection system for boards;
– Professional shockproof LED screens integrated into the existing hockey boards, with operating experience in KHL;
– Marking lines of the hockey field;
– Boards and glass storage systems;
– Ice Dam to quickly dismantle of the board sections without melting the ice;
– Rink dividers of the ice surface during the training process, including storage and transport system.

2. Outdoor composite boards for multipurpose playgrounds as ice rinks and multifunctional Minipitches. The size of the site chosen by the customer’s request (60×30 or 40h20m standard) ; set of equipment includes:
– Sectional composite panels;
– Structural steel construction, protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing;
– Protective steel or polyamide nets;
– Goals for mini-football 3x2m, with polyamide, or anti-vandal steel net;
– Goals are integrated with the board surface, which provides additional safety;
– Can be equipped with basketball backboards, hot dip galvanized.

3. Telescopic grandstands including:
– Varying degrees of seating comfort;
– Manual or electric drive;
– Adaptable height, width and length of a number of sections.

4. Bandy boards and cabins for teams and referees.

5. Equipment of athletics stadium, according to IAAF requirements:
– Sectors for jumping and throwing;
– Athletics pits and mats;
– Barriers;
– Start sectors equipment.

6. Different types of Game and Training football goals, for all possible levels of competition and training.

7. Professional basketball parquet and backboard and baskets, benches for the players.

With the help from our partners we supply turnkey sports facilities, as well as special equipment.